When individuals buy crushing resources, it is easy to confuse direction grinders and louvers. mounted flap wheel  Although these two resources can start to play a shredding role, they are quite different.


The position shredder disc is a high-speed shredding resource made of abrasives, including dark brown corundum, resin as a binder and a fine mesh of cup fibers. Commonly used milling cutters are generally 100mm, 125mm, 150mm and so on. The most typical large size is 180mm, 230mm and other sizes.


A louver blade consists of a blade and a base. The base material of shutters is nylon, plastic materials, fine mesh, stainless steel paper and other materials. As a way to meet various crushing needs, in addition, there is a large supply of rotor blades. These factors are divided into the number of web pages and the number of grids. One of the most common diameters is usually 100mm and 125mm.



What is the use of grinding a blade?


Abrasive classification for abrasive discs


About the maintenance and maintenance of flap wheel

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