For shoppers, whatever brand name battery is, the caliber of battery is mainly judged from your following features:

1. Protection of lithium metal phosphate battery power

On the list of lithium battery packs,​LiFePO4 lithium batteries  it really is accepted that this lithium battery pack with LiFePO4 as the positive electrode materials has got the best security overall performance. Nonetheless, under misuse problems, even lithium batteries with LiFePO4 because the optimistic electrode can have security issues.

2. The buying price of lithium metal phosphate battery power

There are actually three quotation strategies for the price of lithium iron phosphate battery pack, the first is the price tag on only buying lithium steel phosphate battery pack tissues, another is the price tag on lithium metal phosphate battery power without defense platter, and also the last one is the cost of introducing protection platter.

3. Assistance lifetime of lithium steel phosphate electric battery

Presently, the lithium steel phosphate power packs available on the market are noted using a pattern life of about 2000 occasions. This means the suitable quantity of stable typical reduced present demand and discharge and application in regular temperatures atmosphere, however, under different use conditions, the real life routine of lithium steel phosphate power packs The figures will vary.




So how to choose lithium iron phosphate battery correctly?

How to use lithium iron phosphate electric battery for longer daily life

Exactly what are the classifications of lithium power packs?

    ​LiFePO4 lithium batteries

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