Ceramic corundum abrasive belts can show superior grinding performance in strong grinding, mainly forming submicron abrasive grains in the sol-gel synthesis process and low-temperature sintering molding process. sanding belt Compared with ordinary corundum belt, it shows great difference in abrasive microstructure, chipping resistance and wear mechanism.


During the self-sharpening process of the ceramic abrasive belt, the crystallites are continuously broken under the action of the grinding force, so the abrasive grains always have new sharp edges.


Heavy-duty abrasive belts are not only much better than ordinary abrasive belt grinding in terms of grinding efficiency and material removal rate, but even 5 to 10 times higher than traditional grinding processes.


In terms of service life, heavy-duty abrasive belts have also achieved a revolutionary breakthrough. The service life of the ceramic abrasive belt is nearly 2 times that of the zirconium corundum abrasive belt, and nearly 10 times that of the ordinary corundum abrasive belt.


The research and development of the multi-station automatic abrasive belt grinder or production line industry that could not be realized due to frequent replacement of abrasive belts in the past has been successful, and has been widely used in some large-scale manufacturing processes. And complex structural parts, also promote the development of the belt to the direction of automation. .





The technical characteristics of the abrasive belt


The use of abrasive belts in abrasive belt grinders


Tips for using the abrasive belt correctly and reasonably

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