Environmental friendly

The newest completely hardwood-free Seco papers typically take into account environmental costs, natural availability, processability, market acceptance, potential potential, and several other factors. Although it cannot completely replace the industry of traditional paper, the stamping quality of Shike documents is similar to that of traditional paper.stone paper company , , and has the actual physical properties of artificial paper sheets



Stone paper is made by completely dissolving a large amount of inorganic nutrient powder in a little harmless resin.



After use, Sko document merchandise may be recycled through plastic merchandise. Soon after collection, it can be crushed, extruded and granulated to become an excellent additive for PE plastic material shaping, and can be used to produce colorful plastic material handbags, rose planting containers, plastic material barrels, etc.





Several characteristics of stone paper environmental protection bags


The prospect of using environmentally friendly stone paper


What is the modern technology of stone paper processing

    stone paper

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