Selecting an appropriate assembly method according to the specific requirements of the assembled product and the conditions of the assembly equipment is the basis for efficient and low-cost assembly production, THT&SMT equipmentand is also the main content of the SMT chip processing process design.



Surface assembly technology refers to placing chip-shaped components or miniaturized components suitable for surface assembly on the surface of the printed board according to the requirements of the circuit, and assembling them by soldering processes such as reflow soldering or wave soldering. Assembly technology for forming electronic components with certain functions.


The first type is single-sided mixed assembly, that is, SMC/SMD and through-hole components (17HC) are distributed on different sides of the PCB, but the welding surface is only one side.


The second type is double-sided hybrid assembly, which uses double-sided PCB, double-wave soldering or reflow soldering.





Reasons for component displacement in SMT machining


The basic process flow of common SMT patch process


What are the characteristics of SMT chip processing




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