Why is the surface quality of metal stamping parts poor? There are many reasons for the surface quality problems of stamping parts,



For example, the surface quality of coils, sheets, and molds will affect the quality of the final stamped parts.metal stamping suppliers  The operation during the stamping process and the loading and unloading of station equipment may also damage the surface quality of the parts.



Therefore, details should be fully considered in each link of the entire manufacturing process, and quality problems should be avoided as much as possible, affecting the appearance of the final product.



The common bad phenomena of the coil material mainly include the following aspects: 1), foreign matter is mixed on the surface or inside of the steel plate; 2), the foreign body is peeled off, and the coil material is in the same state as a scar; the coil material is not good; 3), the corner of the coil material is damaged ;






What kind of process is metal stamping


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