1. The hopper equipment on the top of the material should slide the selected fabric from the substance in the providing trough (shake trough) through the shake from the giving gadget (vibrations feeder).


2. After entering the box, below the act of light provider,color sorter machine   ,  the composite light-weight indicate of your CCD indicate along with the substance is amplified, in order that the method provides an result indicate, and therefore the transmission method is refined towards the PGAAR handling process.


3. The ideal materials continues to fall under the completed item cavity from the hopper and flows in the finished product port, so that the picked substance can obtain the purpose of selection.


The color sorter can be a higher technology wise product or service. Its lifestyle not simply gives excellent assist for your security from the foods business, but additionally involves numerous market sectors and has far-reaching outcomes.



Why use a color sorter? What are the advantages    

What are the advantages of tea color sorter?  


What are the benefits of using a rice color sorter?  









    color sorter machine

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