Infrared night vision device is also called low-light night vision device. This is a real night vision telescope, also called active night vision telescope. Its structure is an image intensifier tube that can amplify very weak light into visible light..​night vision binoculars   If it is completely dark, it can see the target by converting it into visible light using infrared light that is invisible to the human eye.


Advantages and disadvantages of night vision binoculars:

Night vision goggles can see the target no matter how dark the light is, but night vision goggles cannot be used during the day. At the same time, its magnification is limited and the observation distance is also limited. The farthest night vision device at night cannot exceed 500 meters. Therefore, it is not the same viewing distance as a daytime telescope. Be sure to keep this in mind when buying.



​Classification and use of night vision binoculars   

​What are night vision binoculars and what do they do?

​Advantages and disadvantages of infrared night vision telescopes   

    .​night vision binoculars ,

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