The power supply provides a constant current working voltage for the light source, and many floodlights are often broken due to the power supply. Another reason depends on whether the power supply is good. It starts to light up for a while and then starts blinking. ​led point light  This is mainly because the heat of the lamp beads cannot be dissipated, resulting in constant flickering.


The power supply current is too high, the lamp bead is open or dead. Another reason is that the waterproofing of the wall washer is not good. Water enters, causing the lamp beads to burn out, the chip life is not long, and the quality is not very good.


When purchasing led wall washers, pay attention to check whether the lamp beads have virtual welding, virtual welding, cold welding, whether the power input line has nodes falling off, open circuit, etc., and check whether the connecting line of the controller is well connected. damaged.




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    ​led point light ,

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