The two primary color white LEDs are made of blue LED chips and YAG phosphors.


The advantages of the blue chip LED using the YAG phosphor method are: simple structure, led home light fixtures  low cost, relatively simple manufacturing process, and YAG phosphor has been used in fluorescent lamps for many years, and the process is relatively mature.


The disadvantage is that the efficiency of blue LEDs is not high enough, resulting in low LED efficiency; the phosphor itself has energy loss; the phosphor and packaging materials will age over time, resulting in color temperature drift and shortened life.


Effectively improve the color rendering of LEDs on the premise of higher efficiency. The most common way to obtain trichromatic white LEDs is to use a UV LED to excite a set of trichromatic phosphors that radiate efficiently. This type of white LED has high color rendering, adjustable light color and color temperature, and the use of phosphors with high conversion efficiency can improve the light efficiency of the LED.



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