A lot of companies might not exactly understand RFID labels  , and you should not know where by to find the tag that fit them. It is possible to refer to the subsequent suggestions.

Very first, the detection range of RFID tags. Some firms have requirements to the extended distance of RFID tag, however some have no idea. When selecting, it is possible to ask the supplier to find out clearly prior to a decision.

Secondly, would it should be water-resistant, and is it soaked for some time?

Thirdly, how big the label? Once we choose the label, do we possess any needs to the size? Often buyers want the content label being modest in size, which happens to be excellent looking as well as simple to setup, and could also be used for inlaid digesting applications. You are able to choose the suitable dimension as outlined by your own personal needs.

Fourth, what heat may be the label exposed to, regardless of whether it must be resistant to great temperatures or low temperatures, this is what we have to look at.




How should enterprises choose RFID electronic tags    

How to choose RFID electronic tags?

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    RFID labels

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