The LED neon light-weight is a specialist linear illumination decor item, that is no different from the normal neon lighting at first glance, but will be curved arbitrarily, broken or waterproof, and may be used both outside and inside. custom led neon .Compared with standard neon lights, these kinds of new neon lamps can certainly still have many diverse features, and possess develop into a type of lamps and lanterns that can be found in existing lighting effects projects.


Conventional neon lighting fixtures is only able to just work at place temperatures, the voltage must be elevated during use, the biographies utilize a good deal, are pricey, use a quick life-span, and so are problematic to maintain. The light emitting diodes on each point of the LED neon light emit only reduced temperature, as well as the identical illumination light emitting diodes are similar to one particular seventh the energy use of present light bulbs. Light emitting diodes use a longer lifespan than classic light bulbs, and it is precisely because of this that they can can be used for quite a long time and grow a type of lights that are currently applied.


What are the advantages of LED neon lights?    

How to choose a reliable neon light manufacturer?    

What are the functions of neon lights




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