Presently, it is difficult for conventional evaluating and wrapping models to meet the above needs. In contrast, the multihead weigher packing machine has greater evaluating reliability, gradually exchanging the regular wrapping level and being a far more essential item. So what is the difference compared to the traditional weighing wrapping unit?

1. Distinct considering concepts

The conventional analyzing and packaging equipment feeds the fabric whilst considering, and continuously items the material till the objective body weight data is reached.

The multihead weigher packing machine comprises numerous considering units with self-sufficient providing and discharging buildings. The burden for each weighing model is automatically optimized and computed to have a well-combined and near-quantitative packing worth.

2. Diverse analyzing pace

The standard evaluating and product packaging equipment generally requires to endure the analyzing procedure of coarse measurement and fine dimension, specifically the whole process of precise measurement should be greater position by position, which takes quite a while and affects the evaluating rate.

The multihead weigher packing machine is 4-6 times faster than the traditional considering product packaging unit, which greatly improves the manufacturing effectiveness and is a lot better for the requirements modern day generation management.

3. Different considering ranges

When it comes to the identical precision, all the different the multihead weigher packing machine is larger compared to the regular considering packing machine. Beneath typical conditions, the evaluating range of traditional weighing wrapping models is handled within 4 instances underneath the very same accuracy, as the considering selection of multihead weigher packing machines can achieve over ten times.


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