Searching and screening are normal methods of boosting product or service top quality. So sorters can also be generated. Have you any idea the practical basic principle of espresso coffee bean sorter?

1 Infrared intelligent technology

Twin-infra-red and four-infrared intelligent technology, realize 360-degree complete-position stereo system multiple-dimensional imaging, intelligently go with working remedies, and meet up with various searching demands.

2 Holographic infrared digicam

Built with a telephoto visible zoom lens and a telephoto infrared lenses, up to 260 million pixels, you will notice clearly and then make flaws and overseas items invisible.

3 New manufacturing machinery construction

The available working holding chamber can properly reduce the affect of dust, normal water mist and oily particles around the unit, creating upkeep and cleaning far more convenient.

4 Personal-cooperative sensing modern technology

SoC design, higher incorporation, quicker processing technology, and powerful processing energy.



What are the advantages of coffee bean sorting machine    

Commercial value of coffee bean sorter    


Optical sorters to improve coffee quality


    coffee bean sorter

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