1. Straightforward rc charger   Should your prices are limited, the straightforward charger is actually a less expensive solution. The fundamental charger also works together with NiMH and Lithium power packs and balances the electric batteries safely and slowly through the equilibrium plug. Be aware that not all the power packs have a similar plugs, so some plugs need adapters to get in touch towards the battery charger. Also, some well balanced plugs only assist 2S or 3S power packs, but look at the manual to make sure.

2. Wise charger. Delivers double routes with high output strength, best if you wish to quickly charge two battery packs as well. High quality versions consist of fans, along with temperatures detectors for monitoring electric battery heating, have AC and DC inputs plus a USB recharging result. Latest types include app integration to produce asking presets for your battery pack!



Other common modes of rc model car chargers    

The reason why the RC car battery cannot be charged    

rc car battery charging precautions


    rc charger

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