You may have some misconceptions about RC that need to be corrected before you start playing with the radio controlled mods. parallel charge board  Here are some things you should know before joining the RC hobby.


1. RC is not equal to a toy

People who aren't too familiar with the RC hobby might see it as "a toy". The RC vehicle is scaled down from the size of the real car, and its design is almost the same as the real vehicle. Therefore, there are a large number of related shops and factories specializing in the production and supply of different components for radio-controlled models, and the industry has grown rapidly in recent years.


2. Security

It's best to know the security of your RC device. For example, due to the chemistry of Li-polymer batteries, overcharging an RC hobby battery can easily lead to electrolyte decomposition, a violent reaction inside the battery, followed by a rapid increase in internal pressure and an explosion of the battery. Therefore, more attention should be paid to security.


3. Electric and oil powered

There are two main power systems for radio-controlled vehicles: electric and oil-powered. Electric vehicles are more suitable for beginners than gas-powered vehicles because they are easier to operate and require less maintenance. Just put the battery in the car, then turn on the radio switch, the car switch, and the car will move forward. Gas powered vehicles are more complicated because you worry about their fuel type, speed regulation and glow plugs.


4. Regular maintenance and repair.

When you are really in the RC field, you will be addicted to its charm, RC car will be your best friend, it will bring you daily RC fun and a different way of life. If you want to keep your RC friends with you for a long time, regular maintenance is a must to prolong the life of the radio control.


The RC hobby will bring you a different lifestyle full of passion, adventure and happiness. I believe RC lovers are some of the most accommodating and helpful people you will meet. Here you can meet many like-minded people who are willing to help you and share their wonderful stories.





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