The engineering procedure of natural stone pieces of paper mainly adopts a combination of calendering and throwing, and also the organic and natural base substance basically adopts polyethylene-PE and polypropylene-PP. paper stonesThe traditional papermaking approach is changed by a combination of calendering and casting, which happens to be more suitable to the processing of polyethylene, this product efficiency has been enhanced, and the creation variety of this product is broader.


Natural stone pieces of paper also has its own exclusive benefits used and printing. Its principal functions are not just water resistant, anti-fog, essential oil-evidence, insect-evidence, and so forth., but additionally tear-resilient and contra --folding.


Gemstone document takes up ink cartridge strongly, and inkjet printing is not easy to get corroded. And since it can do not have fabric, the description following inkjet generating is higher, along with the surface is not really covered, so it does not chemically react with the ink cartridge, causing color cast and discoloration.


In day to day life, gemstone document is commonly used, not only can swap classic carbon dioxide paper, but in addition has excellent water-resistant, excellent foldability and simple binding. It could swap opaque PVE, PE and other plastic-type films to lessen fees, which is suitable for disposable items such as wrapping hand bags.





Can stone papermaking develop for a long time?


Advantages and disadvantages of stone paper:


Excellent properties of stone paper

    stone paper:

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