1. The sound quality is better than other types

Thanks to the size of the head-mounted type, the head-mounted Bluetooth headset can be plugged into more units. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones    ,The general in-ear headphone unit is 10mm in size, while the head-mounted type is 40mm in size, and a single ear has four times the size. The gap, in the case of the same unit quality, this is definitely a huge improvement



2. Good wearing experience

In terms of wearing experience, head-worn bluetooth headphones are far better than in-ear bluetooth headphones and semi-in-ear bluetooth headphones. The biggest key is that everyone's ear canal shape is different, so in-ear headphones will send a lot of headphones. Sets to match different groups of people, there is no such problem with headwear



3. Noise reduction effect

Noise reduction Bluetooth headsets are a just-needed function for many people. When it comes to noise reduction, headphones are the strongest. The reason is that headphones are inherently better passive noise reduction and sound insulation. , and the volume is large, it can plug in a better noise reduction processing chip, even if it is a Bluetooth headset without active noise reduction, the level of passive noise reduction is higher than other types




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