The packaging film is mainly mixed and extruded from several different grades of polyethylene resin. It has puncture resistance and high strength performance. It wraps the goods stacked on the pallet to make the package more stable and tidy, and more waterproof.plastic bag factory    , It is widely used in foreign trade export, paper making, hardware, plastic chemical industry, building materials, food and medicine industries.


Food composite packaging film has some characteristics to protect food, generally milk powder food composite film, color printing food composite film, biscuit food composite film, sausage food composite film, chocolate food composite film, etc. But you need to pay attention to the following when using:



Pay attention to the material of the product label. At present, polyethylene film is widely used in food packaging; polypropylene film can be used for the packaging of bread, small food, etc. because of its transparency; vinyl chloride film is used for perishable food such as vegetables and fruits. Packaged, but not for fatty foods or heating in the microwave.



When heating food in a microwave oven, use a packaging container with "microwave oven", and use a food composite packaging film for refrigerated and frozen food in the refrigerator instead of ordinary plastic bags.




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How to distinguish PE, PP, PO, PVC plastic bags?  




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