See signs. It has information such as product name, model number, applicable age, safety warning and manufacturer's name and address.


Look at the size. Due to the individual differences in children's growth and development, in addition to the applicable age of the reference mark, ​Kids Balance Bike the height of the balance car saddle should be adjusted in time according to the child's leg length, so that the child's feet have sufficient support. ground.


Look at the appearance. Double-check the product for easy removal of small parts that could be swallowed or inhaled by children, as well as smooth surfaces and smooth edges that won't hurt hands.


Check the design. Check for dangerous clearances between wheels and frame to prevent injury from children's fingers getting in.




​The main function of children's balance car  

​The benefits of using a balance bike for children

​Precautions for buying a children's balance car 




​Common sense of children's balance car purchase 


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