2.4GHz wireless remote control

The 2.4G remote control signal transmission method can effectively solve the drawbacks of infrared remote control. remote control accessories All-round stereo coverage is the advantage of 2.4G remote control, and it is also the best one in the current remote control type.


Infrared remote control

The main principle of this remote control is to control the device through infrared light, which is invisible light. The infrared light is then converted into a digital signal that the control device can recognize, and this type of remote control can be remotely controlled.



bluetooth remote

The advantage of the Bluetooth remote is that it can achieve a completely independent signal transmission channel by pairing with the device. Such a link channel can avoid interference between wireless signals of different devices, but this is only a supplement to 2.4GHz technology.






Remote control car selection skills


What is the principle of remote control car


The principle of remote control car? How to do it? 




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