Presently, battery industry has shaped an entire commercial chain using a great level of expertise, now how are higher-high quality bike LiFePO4 battery pack  ?

1: battery power capacity, complete personal computer checking

Each and every cellular of your higher-quality battery is managed regularly! All electric batteries check out the code to separate the ability from the equipment, along with the laptop or computer automatically records the capability, interior amount of resistance and voltage for each battery in accordance with the skim computer code articles. Traceable generation particular date computer code.

2: Superior place welding, greater technologies

High-good quality electric batteries take advantage of the most advanced area welding device products to get in touch the electric batteries in series and parallel. The place welding placement and present are common supervised by laptop or computer setting variables. During welding, your computer automatically watches the present from the electric battery link, and fake welding. In the event the welding is just not strong, it is going to security alarm and quit. !

3: Concluded merchandise growing older examination, tough normal

For each and every group of high-quality power packs, superior growing older gear will be utilized to carry out completely getting older sub-capability assessments in the completed merchandise. If the electric battery is unqualified, it does not be transported

4: Special customized four-evidence and four-traceable battery pack outside packing

With regards to visual appeal wrapping, it may achieve anti-collision, dust-confirmation, waterproof and blast-proof as well, all finished items are labeled with laser light anti-recognition rule, which not only ensures product or service top quality, but in addition accounts for each end user.




Advantages of LiFePO4 battery packs    

Batteries also have a shelf life, did you know that? 


The difference between LiFePO4 battery and ordinary lithium battery



    LiFePO4 battery pack

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