How to choose a reliable intelligent led driver   manufacturer, and what standards should you refer to?


1. Whether it has been certified by CCC. This is the most basic measure, and it will be involved in the design of the entire circuit, the use of components, and safety. Of course, if there are other more certifications, it will further illustrate the basic strength of the company, such as CE, UL, SAA, CB certification and so on.


2. Appearance. Enterprises that make products seriously will definitely have their own independent image, which means that the appearance of their products will be unique and different from most products in the market. This is self-confidence.


3. Professionalism. Drive products are of course looking for companies that specialize in drives. This is beyond doubt. A company that makes lamps and drives does not mean that the drive is not good, but that a professional drive company does not need to spend too much effort. Factory audit. Choosing a major is never wrong.


4. Dimming effect. An excellent smart dimming LED driver must have a silky dimming effect to better meet the needs of smart lighting. First of all, the dimming effect requires no jitter. In any brightness, especially 1%-20%, it is the most prone to jitter, which will give people a dangerous feeling; secondly, the dimming line is preferably curved dimming, so that It will be more comfortable in the overall visual effect and more in line with the optical characteristics of the human eye;



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