As a modern precision processing method, fiber laser marking machine  technology has the following advantages compared with traditional processing methods such as corrosion, EDM, mechanical scribing, and printing:


1. Using laser as the processing method, there is no processing force between the workpiece and the workpiece. It has the advantages of no contact, no cutting force, and small thermal influence, which ensures the original accuracy of the workpiece. At the same time, it has wide adaptability to materials, can make very fine marks on the surface of various materials, and has very good durability;


2. The laser marking is fine, and the lines can reach the order of millimeters to micrometers. The marks made by laser marking technology are difficult to imitate and change, which is extremely important for product anti-counterfeiting;


3. The combination of laser processing system and computer numerical control technology can form efficient automatic processing equipment, which can print various characters, symbols and patterns, easy to use software to design marking patterns, change marking content, and adapt to modern requirements. High production efficiency, fast tempo;




The working principle of fiber laser marking machine    

Features of fiber laser marking machine    

Application scope of fiber laser marking machine    




    fiber laser marking machine

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