1. In the control module of the lavalier microphone, OFF is the state of recording with a mobile phone; ON is the state of recording with a SLR camera; the white metal is clipped, mainly used to fix the microphone cable; clip on microphone    ,open the metal clip Hanging, you can put a button battery inside.



2. In the lavalier clip fixing place of the lavalier microphone, including the lapel clip, it can be clipped at the neckline for recording; the microphone cotton protects the head; the microphone head recording function; it is suitable for most recording equipment.



3. Pay attention when using it, because the lavalier microphone is worn on the chest and is far from the mouth, the output volume will be greatly reduced. If the volume of the amplifier is turned up, it is easy to produce wheezing.



For a vloger, short video creator or anchor who wants to increase the quality of the sound and receive my effect, it's really good. In addition to its excellent radio effect, wireless connection, compactness and portability are also factors that add favor to it.





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    clip on microphone

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