Why do antigen testing? We all know that the new coronavirus is a very serious disease that will pose a great threat to people's health.antigen self test kit, In order to prevent more people from causing this disease, it is necessary to do a good job of inspection.


Whether the virus has invaded the human body, there are currently three main detection methods, namely nucleic acid detection, antigen detection and antibody detection. Compared with nucleic acid testing, antigen testing can be performed at home or in primary health care institutions. The test speed is faster and the operation is more convenient. Generally used in the initial stage of infection.


Antigen testing is suitable for people who have symptoms such as respiratory tract, fever and other symptoms within 5 days after visiting primary medical and health institutions; isolation and observation personnel, including home isolation observation, close contacts and sub-close contacts, entering quarantine observation, closed control District and Control Area Personnel; Community Residents




What is the principle of antigen self-test reagent


How antigen detection reagents are detected


How long are the antigen detection reagents valid for?

    .antigen self test kit

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