These days, the usage level of silicone tableware gets greater and higher. This is mainly due to the benefits of silicone components.manufacture silicone products   , Let's check out the advantages of silicon tableware created from silicone:

1. Silicone tableware is made from completely pure silica gel, with smooth texture, rip opposition and good palm experiencing 2. Natural, harmless, non angerous, odorless, non-corrosive, eco-friendly, in line with the FDA criteria of the usa and Japan's meals rules testing techniques, could be Approved the European Ecological Security Foods Law LFGB standard 3. Applicable to a myriad of ovens, microwave ovens and fridges.

Do you know the safety measures for silicone tableware:

1. Will not directly temperature the product with the open up fire, so as never to damage and injure the merchandise 2. Do not use other heating devices except microwaves and ovens 3. It might be broken if placed in the oven directly after freezing, remember to heating it after thawing




 Issues that should be paid attention to when buying silicone    

What are the uses of high temperature resistant silica gel?    

Why the price of the same silicone product is different





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