Safety issues: Engineering buildings, especially ancient buildings, are mainly made of wood, and the wood structure itself is flammable. When there is a fire on the scene, it is easy to ignite. Therefore, when doing lighting projects, it is necessary to consider the flame retardant grade of lamps. The higher the flame retardant grade, the higher the safety.


Anti-U-V grade: The anti-U-V grade is simply the ability of the product to resist aging and yellowing. .commercial lighting company  The main effect is: UV light. If the lamp shell turns yellow, it will affect the operation effect of the lamp on the project, and the luminous efficiency will plummet.


Waterproof: For outdoor lighting, a fatal problem is waterproof. This is another key factor related to lamp life and stability. Due to the high maintenance cost of landscape lighting projects, product stability is the first priority in landscape lighting projects, and sometimes even more important than color rendering index and light efficiency.




What are the characteristics of commercial lighting

What is the design concept of commercial lighting 

Where are the application scenarios of commercial lighting


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