1. The first is the proportion of your remote control car. Tiny autos cannot drift. ​rc company,Not enough body weight, not enough inertia. An unacceptable centre of gravitational forces is the crux of the tiny handheld remote control car's inability to drift.


2, combined with the ability supply. If you want to perform remote control auto drift, the rc car you use must have plenty of energy. Common electrical engines tend to be underpowered, which makes it difficult to drift. If it is a gasoline-getting rid of product, it is advisable, nevertheless the dealing with needs are very great.


3, and finally the wheels. The auto tires in the vehicle are also specific. If you wish to perform drift, you must decrease the friction coefficient of the remote device auto. The two front and rear car tires must be terrain flat, if possible without experiencing the style. Drift is a lot easier to perform on smooth ground.



​How many ways are there to drive a remote control car?

What is a remote control racing car?

How to maintain the handheld control auto?


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